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Sleeping Dogs v1.7 Proper Crack.incl DLC's-P2P
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2012-11-02 16:25:11 GMT
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Dlc's Included
01) 1E6323E1.dat	Top Dog Gold Pack's
02) 2EE3FEA1.dat	GSP Pack
03) 3E97A062.dat	Tactical Soldier Pack
04) 576E446C.dat	Top Dog Silver Pack
05) 67EE992C.dat	Martial Arts Pack
06) 779AC7EF.dat	SWAT Pack
07) 849D8C70.dat	Street Racer Pack
08) 8C79ECFB.dat	Retro Triad Pack
09) AC8D6F78.dat	The High Roller Pack
10) B41D5130.dat	Community Gift Pack
11) BCF931BB.dat	Police Protection Pack
12) C8F81F7D.dat	Triad Enforcer Pack
13) CD90EBFD.dat	Screen Legends Pack
14) D500D5B5.dat	Deep Undercover Pack
15) E58008F5.dat	The Red Envelope Pack
16) FD1036BD.dat	Valve Pack
17) 13EFB7EA.dat	Nightmare in North Point


1.Copy the content from the folder to the main install
folder and overwrite
2. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as
secure/trusted in your antivirus program
3. Play the game.


This crack is made by Steam006 and i have only uploaded this torrent for those who want to play with Dlc's.

It includes all released dlc's but you need your game updated till patch 1.7 so use skidrow patch or some thing else.

You can change name from LumaEmu.ini which is in your main install folder.
Torrent Made and uploaded by Gh0stNet


Installed this on Skidrow game + 1.7 update. Works like a fucking charm! Thank you!
Slight Update.

I was rummaging through my antivirus quarantine and i noticed that the "BUDDHA.DLL" from this torrent was in there. I quickly restored it and noticed that it was 11k larger than the non-quarantined "BUDDHA.DLL" from SD Update 7 from SKIDROW.

If any of you have any concern over the larger DLL (as i did) you can replace it with the "BUDDHA.DLL" from Update 7 with no problem. I'm not sure if there's a virus in there or not but it's better to be safe than sorry. I know sometimes it can be falsely flagged but i'm not taking any chances.

The BUDDHA.DLL that got quarantined was 69k in size and i couldn't inspect it (Access Denied) to see what was taking up the extra space. The BUDDHA.DLL from update 7 was only 58k in size and i could inspect it and nothing was out of place.

Do yourself a favor and use the smaller one from update 7.
I seem to be having some problems...

I downloaded and installed Skidrow's repack, followed by Skidrow's 1.6 and, when it was launched, 1.7 updates. All fine up to this point, the game was playable without any trouble except for the DLC's which, apart from Just Cause 2, did not work. So I came here downloaded this torrent and did everything as per the instructions. Unfortunately now I can't play the game anymore. Has anyone had the same problem?
Yeah!!!! Beautiful! Works like a charm although you better turn off your antivirus because my Norton quarantined both the steamclient.dll and the buddha,dll and I had to restore them. Other than that the dlcs work like a charm. The saves were all still there and when I loaded my game I got a ton of rewards such as money, outfits, and vehicles and mission unlocks. I did think that the Nightmare in Northpoint would just be point on the map to go to and start the mission but instead it's an entirely different game with it's own saves. You get the option to start it at the main menu. Life is good and I thank Skidrow and GhostNet for their time and effort.
Well, got all the DLC to work except the Nightmare one. Ah well, better than nothing...thanks, Ghost!
Anyone know what $DLC_GHOST_TITLE is? It's listed on the downloadables list at the main menu, but didn't pop up when everything was being unlocked. Is this the Nightmare DLC? And if so, how do I get to it?
awh..i click on hkship.exe and nothing! this is the third downlod..
i started with 8 bonus triad, face and cop point after installing this? is this normal? These point is not part of the DLC right?
got it to load for the first time, now going to see if i can play it. props to you, Steam 006 and Gh0stNet!
just to help the people who are having the same problem I was having, game not loading at all after the crack. I installed skidrow's version of the game, then skidrow's version of the update 1.7, copied skidrow's crack. Everything's working but with only just cause 2 dlc. Downloaded this torrent and copied everything to the game folder EXCEPT lumaemu.ini and buddha.dll. It appears that "buddha.dll" was causing the game not to launch so I maintained the one from skidrow's crack and the game launched and all dlcs working. I tested nightmare in north point and it was working, and the rest of the dlcs bonus's unlocked after the 2nd mission
this works, ignore the noobs

if you get binkw32.dll crash on start just find another binkw32.dll from a different cracked game (i used the one from borderlands 2)

DLC will be available when you finish the introduction missions and can free roam

if you dont want to be overpowered and rich at the start of the game delete these from install directory:

1E6323E1.dat (Top Dog Gold Pack's)

576E446C.dat (Top Dog Silver Pack)

AC8D6F78.dat (The High Roller Pack)

thanks for upload :)

this is actually working (even it have't HPShip.exe ) ... so yeah . tnx
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